I know ,when you said get lost,
you didn’t mean it at all…
I know ,when you left me behind,
you never wanted to loose my hands..
I know ,when you didn’t wished me on my b’day
you were wishing me all the night,
holding your phone and my number on its screen…
I know ,that you bought a gift and kept it hidden..
(may be you wished to give me that after we patch up)
I know ,when you said that you are fine
and happy to live without me,
you were alone and you hate loneliness…
I know ,when you shut your door before me,
you sat down,and cried out loud….
I know ,you were spying on me,
through your window pane;
whenever I walked down your street….
(of course it was for seeing you idiot)
I know that your tears are still
wetting the soil,where Am buried;
cursing yourself for leaving me alone;
and hoping well that one day,
I will be back on your door,
with a hand full of misty rose buds….
I know everything now…..
everything you felt inside…..
just after Am dead…..
and it haunts me still…..
that you love me still…..

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